7-9 September 2022 | EPFL Rolex Learning Center | Lausanne - Switzerland
School of life sciences symposium 2022
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Thank you for your participation

Your were over five hundred people who came to the Rolex Learning Center for the Life Science Symposium, to hear and meet international researchers at the forefront of their fields across the life sciences.


Moderator of the day: Mirko Bischofberger

Chair: Alex Persat

    • Fiona Doetsch – Stem cells in the adult brain: Regulation and diversity
    • Michelle Monje – Neuron-glial interactions in health and disease: From cognition to cancer
    • Mike Stratton – The EMBO Keynote Lecture: Mutational processes in normal human tissue

Chair: Giovanni D’Angelo

All participants at the conference venue

Chair: Pavan Ramdya

  • Nicole King – A history of hypotheses on the origin of animals

  • Caroline Uhler – Causality, perturbations, gene regulation, and drug repurposing 

  • Rafael Yuste – Can you see a thought? Neuronal ensembles as emergent units of cortical function

Chair: Brian McCabe

    • Jorge Cham – The power of procrastination
      • All participants at the conference venue
    • Tony Hyman – Biomolecular condensates and their implications for cell physiology
    • Gaia Pigino – Structural cell biology of cilia and eukaryotic flagella
    • Ron Vale – Structure of the sperm axoneme
    • Melina Schuh – Illuminating the beginning of life (remote)

Chair: Pierre Gönczy

Chair: Andy Oates

All participants at the conference venue

    • Pascale Vonaesch – The intestinal microbiota in childhood undernutrition
    • Eran Elinav – Host microbiome interactions in health and disease 
    • Lluis Quintana-Murci – Darwin meets Pasteur: evolutionary genetics dissection of human immunity (remote)

Chair: Melanie Blokesch

    • Michael Elowitz – Multicellular circuit design: natural and synthetic (remote)
    • Ed Boyden – Optical tools for analyzing and controlling biological systems
    • Cori Bargmann – Integrating behavior across timescales

Chair: Anne-Florence Bitbol

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Registration deadline:  CLOSED

Students/Postdocs - 3 days

CHF 150


  • Includes coffee breaks, lunches and standing dinners

EPFL and Alumni - 3 days

CHF 200


  • Includes coffee breaks, lunches and standing dinners

Other Participants - 3 days

CHF 300


  • Includes coffee breaks, lunches and standing dinners

The Symposium has been recognized as continuing education for animal experimentation. The attendance of the two scientific days (September 8 and 9) will be certified as one day of continuing education. Attendance of either September 8 or September 9 will be certified as 0.5 days of continuing education.

Certificates will be sent per mail to the participants having duly signed the attendance list at the symposium.

Academic Committee

  • Location

    École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
    Rolex Learning Center
    Rte Cantonale
    CH-1015 Lausanne