Gaia Pigino

Gaia Pigino

Human Technopole, Italy

Gaia Pigino is a biologist, currently Associate Head of the Structural Biology Center at Human Technopole, after 9 years as Research Group Leader at the Max Planck Institute CBG in Dresden. She collaborate with Alessandro Vannini to develop the Centre for Structural Biology. Gaia’s laboratory studies molecular mechanisms and principles of self-organisation in cilia and other subcellular structures that are of fundamental importance for human health and disease.

Friday, Sep 9

08:30 - 10:30
Talk during Session 5 | Deciphering sub-cellular assemblies

Title of talk : Structural cell biology of cilia and eukaryotic flagella


Cilia are ubiquitous organelles of eukaryotic cells that are required for proper embryo development, tissue homeostasis and organ functionality in adults. The Pigino Lab investigates the biology and the 3D molecular structure of ciliary components in their native cellular context and in isolation, to understand how they orchestrate cilia-specific functions. Our work positions itself right at the interface between structural biology and molecular cell biology. Hence, we combine the latest tools and methodologies from both fields, from cryo-electron tomography, over correlative light and fluorescence microscopy (CLEM) and expansion microscopy, to in vitro reconstituted dynamic systems, genetics, biochemistry, all the way to more classical cell biology. Our ultimate goal is to understand the underlying molecular mechanisms of ciliary functions and dysfunctions in human ciliopathies.


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