Joel Doré

Joel Doré

Université de Paris-Saclay, France

Joël is Research Director at INRAE Micalis Institute ( and Scientific Director of MetaGenoPolis ( Microbial ecologist by training, Joël aims to provide a better understanding of human-microbes symbiosis towards personalized preventive nutrition and precision medicine. Joel is laureate of the ERC-Advanced Homo.symbiosus, co-founder and scientific advisor of the startup, dedicated to provide safe and standardized microbiotherapy solutions for the reconstruction of host-microbes symbiosis in the context of cancer therapy. Co-founder of and, Joel is vice-chair of Gut Microbiota for Health section of ESNM and editorial board coordinator of

Friday, Sep 9

14:00 - 15:30
Talk during Session 7 | Immunity and microbiota

Title of talk : Host-Microbes symbiosis in human nutrition and medicine


Humans are microbial, ecosystems, symbioses. The relationship that humans maintain with their microbiota is an essential element in the maintenance of health and well-being. This may have influenced the evolution of the species Homo sapiens. Recent changes of lifestyles may have promoted an alteration of this symbiosis, frequently associated with chronic disorders and diseases which incidence has been increasing uncontrollably for several generations. We will highlight the potential for diagnostics, preventive nutrition and a medicine of the microbial human.


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